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Hiren's Boot CD v14 - Download

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Hiren's Boot CD v14 - Download
I think everybody need at any time a tool like Hiren's Boot CD, it's not simply a bootable CD is a complete kit of tools to boot from the CD or USB, diagnose Hardware, Antivirus, alternate boot into DOS , Linux or Windows XP, software testing, data recovery and passwords, hard disk repair, partition management, and much more. All in a single CD or USB memory.
For emergency is the best and most complete (at least Freeware).
To use it you simply burn it to a blank CD or USB memory, the archive includes everything you need:
HBCD.txt - A complete listing of the software contained.
BurnCDCC.exe - A simple program to create the CD recording, you can use this or any other (Nero, CDBurner, EasyBurner)
BurnToCD.cmd - A script that automatically executes the recording program, further simplifying the task.
Hiren's. BootCD.14.0.iso - The image of the CD to record.
If you want to record to USB to use the Unetbootin or something similar.
In my case I used the Hiren's Boot CD primarily on computers with problems at startup, they do not detect the hard disk or operating system starts, but has multiple uses, to create partitions, scan the computer from the CD, recover files, etc.
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Questions, suggestions or comments, write and I will try to help.

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